Executive Mentoring

There is no rulebook for businesses and no easy how-to guides on making it to the top of your sector.  But you can benefit from the first-hand experience of industry experts who know what it takes to succeed.

Our executive mentoring programme gives leaders access to the skills and experience of an established industry leader.  Mentoring can be used to supplement skills already learned through our Executive Development Training, or as a powerful standalone development programme to help:

  • Objectively assess performance
  • Nurture junior executive growth
  • Develop professional networks
  • Gain valuable feedback and advice

Mind Strategies’ executive mentoring programme takes learning out of the classroom and into the workplace for a fully integrated development experience focused on your professional development goals.

We can provide you this as a bespoke Consultancy Service, but we can also help train you and your team, to transfer a lasting legacy of in-house expertise in each specialist subject. Contact us for details.

For more information on our Executive Mentoring call 01612050838 or get in touch via our contact page.