Executive Recruitment

We know what it takes to reach the top.  We can help you spot that quality in others and attract high achievers to your organisation.

Mind Strategies’ executive recruitment team have the know-how to fill senior positions in your organisation with the brightest and best.  We take the time to understand the needs and challenges of the role before approaching potential candidates and will keep you informed of the recruitment process at every step of the way.

Before recruiting, we’ll also carry out a detailed salary survey to keep the role pitched at the right market.

We can fill any role within your organisation, from the CEO to the shop floor, including:

  • Chief executives
  • Managing directors
  • Senior executives
  • Finance teams
  • Managerial staff
  • Department leaders
  • Legal staff
  • Sales teams
  • Technical and IT
  • Marketing

Executive recruitment services from Mind Strategies deliver targeted solutions for even the most complex of roles – taking the hassle out of recruitment while keeping you in complete control.

We can provide you this as a bespoke Consultancy Service, but we can also help train you and your team, to transfer a lasting legacy of in-house expertise in each specialist subject. Contact us for details.

For more information on our Executive Recruitment call 01612050838 or get in touch via our contact page.